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Gary Chester Ross

Date of Birth

7 May 1934

Brick Location

Liberty Side

Panel Number



Gary joined the U.S. Army on 17 May 1951.  He served as a Forward Observer in a 155 millimeter Howitzer Unit for 15 months during the Korean War.  

He was discharged on 16 May 1955.

Gary re-enlisted in the Army in March 1961. He then served as a Hawk Missile Radar Technician until 26 October 1966, when he was appointed Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) as a Missile System Technician.

He served one tour (3 years) in Germany as a Radar Technician with the rank of Sergeant First Class (SFC).  

Then later, Gary spent a one-year tour in Germany and two tours (one year each) in Korea as a Warrant Officer.  

He retired from the Army on 30 May 1976 at Ft. Bliss, TX...

In all, Gary had 20 years of active duty service.

He was awarded three Bronze Stars on his Korean Service Medals.

See Awards section for other awards.


U.S. Army

Awards and Medals


Chief Warrant Officer 3


Korean War—20 years of service beginning 17 May 1951 and ending 30 May 1976.   (This does not count 6 years as a civilian from 1955 to 1961).

He also served during the Vietnam War.


He fought in the Korean War; he was a Forward Observer and later, Maintenance Officer for an Air Defense Missiles System.