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Robert Logan Marshall

Date of Birth

2 June 1925

Brick Location

Liberty Side

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U.S. Navy Captain Robert L. Marshall served in World War II from 1943 to 1946 and during the Korean War, from 1951 to 1953.  He was commissioned at Columbia University, New York, in 1945.  He is a retired officer of the U.S. Naval Reserve Corps.

Tours of Duty:

•  Navy V-12 Program, Warrensburg, MO.

•  Columbia University Midshipmen's School, Officer Candidate.

•  USS The Sullivans, DD 537.

•  Board of Review, Discharge and Dismissals, Washington DC.

•  USS Barton, DD722.

•  Instructor, Officers Candidate School, Newport, RI.

Bob was one of the 12 sons, grandsons, great grandsons, and sons-in-law (of Ira Thomas Marshall Sr. and his wife Bertha) who have served in World War II, Korea, the Gulf War, and Iraq

Of historical significance, the USS The Sullivans (DD-537) is named in honor of the five Sullivan brothers (George, Francis, Joseph, Madison, and Albert) aged 19 to 27 who lost their lives when their ship, USS Juneau, was sunk by a Japanese submarine during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal on 13 November 1942. This was the greatest military loss by any one American family during World War II.  It was also the first ship commissioned in the Navy that honored more than one person.


U.S. Navy

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World War II—1943 - 1946

Korean War—1951 - 1953


Gunnery Officer—USS Barton, USS The Sullivans