Military Veterans

Celebration of Freedom panel

George F. Austin

Date of Birth

10 December 1925

Brick Location

Liberty Side

Panel Number


Radioman 2nd Class George F. Austin served in the U.S. Navy during World War II—1944 - 1946. His ship was the USS USS Estes AGC-12, named after a mountain in Colorado National Park.  

A bench in his honor has been purchased by his wife, Rita Sweeney Austin.  The inscription reads:  
In Honor of George F. Austin
For Service in the Navy Aboard
USS Estes AGC-12 Flag Ship
Supporting the Invasions of Iwo Jima
and Okinawa, and
Witnessing the Flag Raising
On Mount Suribachi
(on the Island of Iwo Jima).


U.S. Navy


Radioman 2nd Class (RM/2c)


World War II—1944 - 1946